DBS Checks for Volunteers

Whether you’re considering starting a volunteer role or are part of an organisation that recruits volunteers, you will need to learn about the process of getting DBS checks for volunteers.

What level of DBS check do volunteers need?

Volunteers may require either a basic, standard or an enhanced DBS check before they can embark on their voluntary position.

Basic DBS checks may be accepted for voluntary positions however it is dependant on the role whether a higher level of check is required. Volunteers must get their checks done by the organisation they are volunteering for.

There is also no fee for volunteer enhanced/standard DBS checks. Organisations will just have to pay a small administration fee under their chosen umbrella company.

What is the process for obtaining a DBS check for volunteers?

Applying for a standard DBS or an enhanced check for volunteers is a simple and straightforward process with us. It’s the same process as DBS checks at this level for individuals in paid jobs. All forms can be filled out by the volunteer and verified by the organisation online. We send through the results via email soon after.

dbs checks for volunteer

Which voluntary roles require a volunteer DBS check?

Before an application is submitted though, you need to check whether you fulfil the criteria of a volunteer and are actually eligible for DBS checks for volunteers:

  • Your voluntary role should align with the meaning of a volunteer as defined by The Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) Regulations, which is ‘any individual engaged in an activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which aims to benefit some third party and not a close relative’.
  • To be eligible for DBS checks for volunteers, your time volunteering should involve working with either children or vulnerable adults.

Which roles do not require a DBS check for volunteers?

  • You will not qualify for DBS for volunteers if you receive any payments or benefits for the position (except for any travel expenses or other approved expenses incurred for the role).
  • Even if you don’t receive payment for a role, you won’t be eligible for a DBS check for volunteers if your position is part of a work placement or official course.



If you’re unsure about which type of volunteer check you require, we’d be happy to help talk you through the process. Get in touch with our team of friendly DBS check experts today.