DBS Checks for University

DBS checks for students are required only if you undertake a programme which requires regulated activity with children or vulnerable adults.

If that is the case, an enhanced DBS check will be required as a safeguarding measure.

If your course doesn’t involve working with children or any other group, you’ll only need a basic DBS check. However, if you’re enrolled on a student placement or any voluntary work of a sensitive nature, then an enhanced DBS check would better suit your needs.

dbs checks for university

What is the application process for university DBS checks?

It is the job of the university department to coordinate enhanced DBS checks for students. They can get the relevant details from the student and fill out our simple online form. Results are processed and emailed through in a matter of hours/days.

For some courses, a disclosure may even be an admission requirement. This applies to courses within departments such as:

  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Pharmacy
  • Social work

If a course only requires a basic DBS check, students can apply for it directly themselves.

If you’re unsure whether your course needs a DBS check or not, just take a closer look at the admission requirements. Whichever level of university check is required, your university is responsible for letting you know.

What is the DBS update service and should students sign up for it?

We’d recommend signing up for the DBS update service. Otherwise, students may need to get a new check every time it is required.



Unsure about which type of check you need for your university course or confused about the application process? You can get in touch with our team of friendly DBS experts!