DBS Checks for Unemployed

So, if you’re wondering which type of check you need and the process of getting a DBS check for when you are unemployed, read on.

What is the process of getting a DBS check for unemployed individuals?

Individuals not currently in employment can only apply directly for a basic DBS check.

If you are unemployed and applying for roles where a standard or enhanced DBS check is required to assess suitability, you will need to ask your potential employers to verify your application. Standard and enhanced DBS checks cannot be processed if applied for directly by a candidate.

You can fill out the form online and send it to your potential employer for verification. The results will then be emailed through directly to the organisation you’ve applied for.

dbs checks for unemployed

Can I get a free DBS check for unemployed individuals?

As you’re not yet in employment, it’s understandable why paying for a DBS check yourself could be difficult. Unfortunately, if you are hoping to work with children or other vulnerable groups in any capacity, this is an investment you may need to make yourself. Some employers may agree to pay for the DBS check that is required.

Not only is a DBS check necessary for employers to assess whether you’re suitable for the role, but it is also a legal requirement for many jobs of a more sensitive nature.

What level of DBS check will I need?

The level of DBS check required depends purely on the nature of the roles you are applying for.

An enhanced DBS check is an essential requirement if you are applying for a teaching or healthcare role, or any other role which involves working with children or vulnerable adults.

A basic DBS check may be suitable for other roles in charity or healthcare organisations which don’t require direct contact with any vulnerable groups or sensitive information.



Applying for DBS checks is a quick and easy process with us. We process all our Disclosures online and send through the results via email. Get in touch with our expert team today.