DBS Checks for Schools

To work in a school, Ofsted requires that you get an enhanced DBS check for teachers.

An enhanced DBS check is also a requirement for anyone working in a voluntary or contract position in a school.

DBS checks for schools are an Ofsted requirement and necessary to prevent any unsuitable candidates from working with children in any capacity. Ofsted closely monitors recruitment practices in schools around the UK to ensure that only vetted teachers and volunteers are being recruited. This is vital for the safeguarding and wellbeing of the students.

What does a DBS check for teachers and volunteers in schools reveal?

An enhanced DBS check for schools discloses the same information as an enhanced DBS check for individuals. This the highest level of check available and will reveal the following:

  • Any spent or unspent convictions
  • Warnings
  • Cautions
  • Reprimands
  • Any other police information deemed relevant

This enhanced background check also includes the option to search the Children Barred List. This is highly recommended for the education sector as it reveals if any applicant should be barred from working with children.

It is considered a criminal offence to hire someone from the Children Barred List to work at a school.

dbs checks for school

Will I need an enhanced DBS check if I am not engaging in regular activity with children?

Whether you are directly working with children on a regular basis or not, you will need to apply for an enhanced DBS check if you work at a school in any capacity. Even if you’re working there for a short period, there is bound to be some contact with children. Enhanced DBS checks for contractors working in schools are required by Ofsted.

According to DBS guidelines for schools, enhanced checks are required for all individuals working there, including:

What is the process for enhanced DBS check application for schools?

Your employers will need to apply on your behalf as individuals cannot apply for enhanced DBS checks themselves. The check can be completed quickly and easily online and the results will be emailed through to the employer on our eBulk platform.


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