DBS Checks for Private Hire

As a driver for either a taxi or a private hire vehicle, you are now eligible for an enhanced DBS check.

This level of disclosure reveals any spent or unspent convictions, warnings, cautions, reprimands, or any other police information deemed relevant.

If you’re wondering what the process entails, here is the essential information you need on DBS checks for private hire drivers.

First things first, why do I need a DBS check for private hire driving?

A DBS check for private hire drivers is necessary as it helps determine whether a driver is suitable to drive the public and helps passengers feel safer. All private hire drivers are now eligible for enhanced DBS checks. 

Who exactly is eligible for the enhanced DBS check?

Before 2012, only those drivers who were transporting vulnerable groups of people were eligible for an enhanced DBS check. But from 2012, the government opened this up to all taxi and private hire drivers.

dbs checks for private hire

What is the process for getting a DBS check for private hire?

To obtain a license to drive a taxi, you need to apply to your local council for a license. They will usually request an enhanced DBS check to decide your suitability for the role before they grant the license.

The DBS application form for taxi drivers can be completed online quickly and easily, and the results of the DBS check will be emailed through to the employer.

Private hire drivers may be asked by employers to renew their enhanced DBS check every three years.

What happens if there is a criminal conviction on my record?

Having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily restrict someone from becoming a private hire or taxi driver. The licensing authority will consider the entire DBS application for taxi drivers depending on the severity of the crime.


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