DBS Checks for PCO Licence

You may already be aware that you need a DBS check to get your Public Carriage Licence (PCO) licence


If you’re an aspiring private hire driver in London, you may already be aware that you need a DBS check to get your Public Carriage Licence (PCO) licence. As this licence is necessary to work as a private hire vehicle driver in London, here’s what you need to know about the online DBS check process.

An Enhanced DBS Check is Necessary to Get a PCO Licence

Along with being 21 years old and holding a 3-year-old driving licence, a vital step for obtaining a PCO licence is filling out the DBS application form for taxi drivers. Since 2012, all private hire drivers are eligible for an enhanced DBS check, not just those transporting vulnerable groups of people. An enhanced DBS check offers the level of disclosure required for this position. It will reveal the following:

  • Spent or unspent convictions
  • Warnings 
  • Cautions
  • Reprimands
  • Any other police information deemed relevant

The DBS check for a PCO licence is required so that employers can verify that a private hire driver is of good character and can safely transport members of the public. It can also help passengers feel safer.

What is the DBS Check for Private Hire Driver Process?

As an enhanced check is required, the individual applying for the PCO licence from their local council can fill out the DBS application form for taxi drivers, but they will need verification from their employers. The enhanced DBS application form for taxi drivers can easily be completed online, and the results of the check will be emailed soon after. Private hire drivers may need to renew their enhanced DBS check at least once every three years.

Will a PCO Licence be Granted to Someone with a Criminal Conviction?

If an individual with a criminal record tries to get a PCO licence, the licencing authority may still grant it based on the severity of the offence.

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Enhanced DBS Check for £69.80
Single application only. Results available within 5 - 10 days*

*The turnaround times given are the average times taken for completion of the application. The time it takes can vary depending on local police searches, multiple addresses, common names and multiple name changes.