DBS Options

Three main DBS services are offered by the Disclosure and Barring Service


DBS Online Checks Available for Individuals and Organisations

The Disclosure and Barring Service offers three main types of DBS check. We’ve created a simple guide to help you choose the right DBS check for you and your occupation, and facilitate your DBS online application.

Which DBS Check do I require?

Q1. Do you or your Employees...

  • Work with Children?
  • Work with adults at risk?
  • Carry out a role that specifically requires you to have a disclosure?
You can proceed with a Basic Disclosure
If you are going to be: Involved in regularly caring for, training, supervising, in sole charge or working with children /vulnerable adults. You require an Enhanced Disclosure
If you are or entering into: if you are or entering into: A profession as specified in the Exceptions Order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, you require a Standard Disclosure

Select your DBS Check

We offer one of the fastest and simplest DBS online application services available, enabling you to fast track your online DBS process. All of our Disclosures are processed online, which simplifies the submissions process and enables us to provide results via email. Available to individuals as a standalone service, the process to complete your DBS check online could not be simpler. 

Want to know how much a DBS check is, or what an Enhanced DBS check entails? If you still have questions, then get in touch by visiting our contact page.

Basic DBS Check


Disclosure of unspent convictions only


£39.40 (single application)


5-10 days*

Standard DBS Check


Disclosure of unspent convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands


£51.80 (single application)


48 hours*

Enhanced DBS Check


Full disclosure of spent and unspent convictions, warnings, reprimands and any other police and relevant barred information


£69.80 (single application)


5-10 days*

*The turnaround times given are the average times taken for completion of the application. The time it takes can vary depending on local police searches, multiple addresses, common names and multiple name changes.


DBS Checks for Employers

In need of multiple applications to cover your employees and business? Fast DBS checks are designed for employers. Apply for a DBS online check with us and your check will be processed through the latest technology and systems. You will qualify for the eBulk service if you complete more than 10 applications per year (there are no maximum limits) and there is no sign up charge for this service. You'll be able to track the progress of your checks in real time from start to finish. Visit this page to see all applicable discounts for multiple DBS online applications.


Required DBS Check Documents

Now that you know which DBS check to apply online for, you need to present proof of your identity to your employer. To proceed with your DBS online application, you will require:

Original passport or driving licence with date of birth
Two proof of address documents: Utility bill, bank, mortgage or credit card statement all dated within 3 months of the date of issue

The DBS Update Service

The DBS Update Service lets applicants keep their DBS certificates up-to-date and allows employers to check their certificates. You can register your DBS check online once you have your application reference number, or alternatively you can wait until you receive a certificate number and register with that. This step needs to be completed within 30 days of the certificate issue date.

Registration Details: Lasts for one year | Cost £13.00 | Can be renewed early