Who Are the Most Vulnerable Patients and How Do We Protect Them?

Of course, every patient in the medical world is important – but some need more protection than others. Patients who require extra support, whether this be physically or emotionally, are classed as vulnerable patients. The best medical staff are excellent

Social Services Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

The social services are public industries provided by the government, and private and non-profit organisations. They are services which theoretically, anyone can access and be assessed in. However, the amount of support each person will receive greatly depends on their

What Are the Safeguarding Procedures for Midwifery Nursing?

As the Nursing Times states, “safeguarding is central to everything nurses do”. It is part and parcel of the job to make sure that those in their care are safe and happy, both during their hospital experience and elsewhere in their

What are the safeguarding procedures in early years?

For all those practitioners working in the early years’ setting, it’s hugely important to be aware of your role in safeguarding children in your care. There are many policies and measures that you are required to comply with to ensure