dbs checks for dentists

DBS Check Process and Prices for Dentists

  A DBS check is a requirement in many industries, so they can safeguard vulnerable adults and children, and make safer recruitment decisions. The NHS and private healthcare industries are no exception to this rule, much like education settings for
Police car stopping individual

Do Driving Offences Show on DBS Check Applications?

When applying for jobs in the UK, it wouldn’t be unusual for an employer to request that an applicant complete a DBS check as part of the application process. There are certain jobs which specifically require a DBS application, which
Conflicting and confusing information about dbs checks

Common Misconceptions Regarding DBS Check Applications

What Do I Need for a DBS Check? Many people are somewhat aware of what a DBS check is, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a plethora of conflicting and confusing information online. Unfortunately, this means that
teaching dbs barred list

Enhanced DBS Check: What is a Barred List Check?

What are the DBS Barred Lists? The UK’s system for conducting criminal record checks on people, whose work involves the care and supervision of children or vulnerable adults, isn’t always easy to understand. Many people still refer to the now
maintenance worker mowing school grounds lawn

DBS Checks for School Contractors and Maintenance Staff

Do All School Workers Need a DBS Check? Generally speaking, much like how all NHS workers are required to have valid DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service checks) carried out for working in hospitals, it’s the same for all teaching
spotlight safeguarding wrestling training ring

DBS Checks and Safeguarding in Professional Wrestling

British Wrestling Company Introduces Mandatory DBS Checks Some months ago, the #SpeakingOut movement trended on social media which saw a number of professional wrestlers being called out for abusive, manipulative, sexual and predatory behaviour. Many victims bravely came forward with