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DBS Checks and COVID-19: A Summary

DBS Checks during COVID-19 Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought about unprecedented and life-altering change for everybody. Last week the Health Secretary called for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic. While the government has successfully recruited approximately 35,000
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Can you Fast Track DBS Checks?

Fast DBS Checks If you have ever wondered how to receive a DBS check within as little as 48 hours, wouldn’t it be nice to apply for DBS checks with a company that could make that happen? Online DBS Checks
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Why are DBS Checks Important for Safeguarding?

It’s fair to say that a DBS check is worth more than just a certificate of disclosure. Whether you apply for DBS checks online as an individual, or as an employer who needs to oversee multiple DBS checks using a
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DBS Checks for the Self-Employed

When is a DBS Check Required? A DBS check is required to work within specific sectors and industries, depending on the groups of people you will be expected to work with. They determine whether an individual is suitable for a
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DBS Check – Is it Transferable?

There is often a lot of confusion about whether a DBS check can be transferred from one place of work to another. It’s not uncommon to find the question “are DBS checks portable?” met with contradicting and conflicting information on
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DBS Check – What does it Show?

What does a DBS Check Show? Most people are familiar with what a DBS check is, and what is involved in the application process. The three levels of DBS checks allow employers to ensure that their potential new employees or