How can Nannies Apply for Enhanced DBS Checks?

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Do Nannies Require a DBS Check?

If you’re looking to hire a nanny, or if you are a nanny looking for work, you may be wondering how to get a DBS check for your next position.

Nannies must obtain an Enhanced DBS check. This is because a nanny is a role which involves directly interacting with children, often while unsupervised.


Enhanced DBS Checks

Any role that involves interacting with children and/or vulnerable adults requires the highest level of check, along with a Barred List check. Anyone found to be on the Children’s Barred List is not permitted to be hired for childcare purposes.

Safeguarding children is of paramount importance and a successful Enhanced DBS application means a nanny is safe to work with children.

However, individuals can’t apply for an Enhanced DBS check unless their employer has requested one on their behalf. What does this mean for nannies? Who is responsible for applying? Are there any further checks required?

All questions will be answered in this guide.


Enhanced DBS Checks for Nannies

As stated above, an Enhanced DBS check for individuals can only be completed once the applicant’s employer has requested one. Employers can request that an applicant complete an Enhanced DBS application if they are already employed, or an offer has been made which is pending DBS check results.

The rules are clear, but this poses another question: who is responsible for a nanny’s Enhanced DBS check application?

Many nannies are self-employed and wonder how they can achieve an Enhanced DBS check for individuals. Individuals only may apply for a Basic DBS check, which is not a high enough level of check for someone working with children.

Additionally, families and parents contact companies like us here at Online DBS Checks, wishing to register as an employer. While they are technically employers in this case, they are so in a private arrangement, so they cannot register for our DBS Checks for Employers service.

But who is ultimately responsible?


How Should Nannies Apply for Enhanced DBS Checks?

Nannies will need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check via an approved childcare organisation. As an individual, without working for a registered organisation, nannies and childminders can only obtain a Basic DBS check.

There are some options nannies can take regarding a higher level of DBS check:

If you are a nanny looking to obtain an Enhanced DBS certificate, you may want to consider registering with a nanny agency or with Ofsted. Any prospective families you then work for can have full peace of mind knowing you’ve met the expected standards, with the highest level of DBS check.


Is it Only DBS Checks Which are Required?

Would working as a nanny require any additional checks, like home-based position checks?

Typically speaking, nannies don’t work from their own home, whereas childminders do. Unless they were a ‘live-in’ nanny, in other words, if they move into their employing family’s home, they may need to apply for a home-based position check. But they would still need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check.

Read more about home-based position checks and Enhanced DBS checks for self-employed people.


Further DBS Check Advice

We’d recommend signing up to the DBS Update Service. This enables parents and agencies to view the latest updates regarding ongoing and current DBS checks. This costs £13 per year.

How Much does an Enhanced DBS Cost?

An Enhanced DBS check costs £69.80.


How Long does a DBS Check Take?

The length of time to receive your results varies, but if all details are supplied correctly, you can expect it to be 5-10 working days.

Are you an employer looking to submit multiple DBS checks? Register today to start requesting your checks.


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