10 Jobs you Didn’t Know Required a DBS Online Application

dbs online check for receptionist

Do All Jobs Require DBS Checks?

There are a number of jobs which require a DBS check, with each of the three levels (Basic, Standard and Enhanced) all required for different purposes.

If your job involves working with children and/or vulnerable adults, you will likely be required to apply for an Enhanced DBS check, or potentially a Standard DBS check. Applying for Enhanced DBS checks is more likely, because, depending on the role, you may need an additional Barred List check. Prospective employers will outline which DBS check you need, regarding your position.

Employers can’t decide that Standard or Enhanced DBS checks are required for every applicant; the decision on the DBS check application must be based on the nature and responsibilities of each role. Employers are responsible for ensuring the job you are applying for is eligible for a DBS application.


What DBS Check do I Need?

Standard and Enhanced DBS checks will be required for:

Applicants can apply for a Basic DBS check, directly using their online self-service channel, or via their employer/registered organisation. Standard and Enhanced checks must be requested by employers.

But there are more jobs which employ stringent safeguarding procedures nowadays, particularly when working with children and vulnerable adults. In such cases, you may need to apply for a DBS check.

Below is a list of ten jobs which require a DBS online application, to check your suitability for working in certain environments. You may be unfamiliar with the majority of these, but hopefully it gives you some added perspective on why checks are required for specific roles.


10 Jobs that Require DBS Checks

  1. Receptionists – the levels of DBS check for receptionists depend entirely on the sector of work. The education and healthcare sector, for example, encompass a broad range of careers, and receptionists are no different. If you work in direct, unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults, you will usually need an Enhanced DBS check. However, if you are in a commercial office, Basic or Standard DBS checks may only be required.
  2. Caterers – same as above, if you are a caterer, or chef, in a school, care home or hospital, chances are you will need an Enhanced DBS check. However, in other commercial settings, other DBS check levels may be required.
  3. Solicitors & barristers – did you know that if you are entering into the legal sector as a barrister or solicitor, you will need to apply for a DBS check? Standard DBS check applications are typically required, though it will depend on the employer.
  4. Television crew – it is now a requirement for everybody working on a television set, from camera crew to television presenters, has a Basic DBS check. While not a legal requirement, it is now considered good practice by the industry.
  5. Probation officers – all people working in the Probation Service, particularly those who have had contact with ex-offenders, will need to apply for Enhanced DBS checks.
  6. Pest controllers – people working as pest controllers may be needed for jobs at private homes, care homes, hospitals or schools. It is therefore common for organisations to request a Basic DBS check for anyone they recruit.
  7. Events stewards – stewards are listed in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and are therefore eligible for a Standard DBS check. They are responsible for spectator safety, so a check is warranted.
  8. Alcohol sales – any premises which is licensed to sell alcohol (e.g. shop, pub or restaurant) must have a supervisor that holds a Personal Licence. To apply for a personal licence, you must also apply for an Enhanced DBS online.
  9. Mortgage advisors – the majority of mortgage advisor roles are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered, so it’s likely that a Standard check is all that’s necessary.
  10. Locksmiths – anyone applying for a membership of the Masters Locksmiths Association has to be thoroughly checked. Any locksmith registered on this list must apply for a Standard DBS check.


DBS Online for Volunteers

DBS checks for volunteers are carried out in the same ways as paid roles. The only difference is there is no charge for checking volunteers. Again, if the role involves regular contact with children or vulnerable adults, they will need a higher DBS check. Read more here.


Apply for DBS Online

The list of jobs involving added safeguarding measures, or contact with the public, is growing. The expectation is that online DBS checks for individuals is becoming more normal.

You can find DBS check tracking on the official website. Employers can sign up to our Fast Track DBS service for multiple applications.

Any other questions, check our FAQs or get in touch directly.

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