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How Long does a DBS Check Take?

dbs taking long time How long do DBS checks take? What are the reasons for delays in the DBS checking process? What can employers do to speed up a DBS check? If you are looking for answers to all of these questions, then fear
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Why did the CRB Change to the DBS?

criminal record bureau check You have probably heard the term ‘CRB check’ thrown around at one point in your life. These days, those ‘CRB checks’ are now called ‘DBS checks’, and are conducted by a completely different organisation. What changed, and why?   History
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Safeguarding and Volunteers – Do Volunteers Need a DBS Check?

man with laptop A common misconception about DBS checks is that they essentially restricted to paid employees, and not volunteers. Just because a role you’re applying for is unpaid that means there’s no need to apply for a DBS as a volunteer, right?
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