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OnlineDBSchecks.co.uk is a Division of Eurocom C.I. Ltd who were established to provide companies with a fast and efficient employee screening or employee vetting service. We have now extended the service to allow access to our Criminal Record checking services from the new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS service).

Using ISO27001 accredited systems normally only available to high volume users, we are able to offer one of the fastest and simplest DBS checking services available. All our checks are processed online simplifying the submission process and providing timely results. Available to individuals as a stand alone service the process could not be simpler.

With over 50 years of investigative and HR related experience to draw on Eurocom C.I. have established themselves amongst the market leaders offering a unique professional services. No call centres or automated systems, just professionals who are proud of our rapidly expanding client base.
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Meet the Team

  • Jagriti Patwari

    Jagriti Patwari


    Main focus – Business strategy, business development and service development

    Jagriti Patwari


  • Laura Clark-Withers

    Operations Director

    Main focus – Ensuring that the office runs so that everyone can do their jobs

    Laura Clark-Withers

    Office Manager

  • Lindsey Gear

    Senior DBS Analyst

    Main focus –Processing DBS checks, advising clients on DBS regulations

    Lindsey Gear

    Senior DBS Analyst

  • Naresh Patwari

    Naresh Patwari

    Senior Executive

    Main focus – Finance

    Naresh Patwari

    Senior Executive

  • Anu de Silva

    Candidate and client experience agent

    Main focus – DBS checks

    Anu de Silva

    Senior DBS Analyst

  • Will Cooper

    Will Cooper

    Senior Screening Analyst

    Main focus – Screening employees, advising clients on levels of screening

    Will Cooper

    Senior Screening Analyst

  • Orsi Mihaly

    Orsi Mihaly

    Compliance and Customer Service Manager

    Main focus – Ensuring excellent customer service, compliance with internal policies and external regulations

    Orsi Mihaly

    Compliance and Customer Service Manager

Basic DBS Check

The Basic DBS, or Basic Disclosure, check is available to anyone, regardless of profession. This check can be requested by an individual or an employer and only contains details of unspent convictions.

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Standard DBS Check

The Standard DBS, or Standard Disclosure, check is only available for certain professions. A Standard DBS check shows current and spent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer.

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Enhanced DBS Check

An Enhanced DBS check can only be requested if the employer is eligible to request a disclosure under the Exceptions Order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 and you are caring, training or closely supervising children or vulnerable adults.

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