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We offer one of the fastest & simplest online Disclosure checking services available. All our Disclosures are processed online simplifying the submission process & providing results via email.

Available to individuals who have been requested by their employer to request a DBS check.

DBS – also known as the Disclosure and Barring Service – is the agency created out of a merger between the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

The DBS check replaced the CRB check in 2012. The checks and information provided in the DBS check remain largely the same as in the CRB check – it is simply the branded name which is different.

Just as it was possible to get a CRB check online, you can now complete a DBS check online in just a few simple steps

What is a DBS check?

Disclosure and barring checks are also often referred to as  criminal record checks. This is because they examine the criminal records of an individual and disclose information which may help employers to make safer recruitment decisions.

Who needs a criminal record check in the UK?

Employers often require a criminal record check for potential employees or volunteers if they are set to work with children or vulnerable adults. Examples of jobs which often require a criminal record check include:

– Doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional

– Teacher or other employee within a school or educational environment

– Carer or care assistant

– Social worker

– Maintenance worker

– Employee within a prison, detention centre, young offender’s institution or similar environment

Get a DBS check online – individuals welcome*

Getting a DBS check online is fast, simple, and straightforward. With just one simple form to complete to the process started, our DBS application service is started online in a matter of minutes.

– No registration fees

– Simple initiation process takes less than 5 minutes

– Three types of DBS check available

Your application will be checked and processed via our online systems and you will not be sent or asked to fill in any other documents. We accept all major credit cards via PayPal’s secure servers.

*Individuals may only apply for an Enhanced or Standard Disclosure once the check has been requested from them by an employer/company/organisation who qualifies to ask the exempted question to reveal a person’s criminal records.

Your documents must be verified by a representative of the employer/company/organisation with originial documebnts being provided to them – visit Q5 of our FAQ page for more information.

e-Bulk DBS checks online

For employers dealing with large volumes of applications, our e-Bulk system is a fantastic solution.

It allows multiple electronic applications to be self-administered via a secure control panel. Employers can check progress of the applications and see results of potential candidates as they come in.

Types of criminal record check UK

The Disclosure and Barring Service now offers three levels of DBS/CRB check. The cost varies between each level.

Basic– a basic disclosure of unspent convictions only

Standard– disclosure of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings, and reprimands

Enhanced – full disclosure of spent and unspent convictions, cautions, warnings, and reprimands, and any other police and barred list check information relevant to those working with children or vulnerable people.

Not sure which check you need? We have prepared an easy to follow guide to help you make the right selection.

DBS check cost and turnaround times

When looking for a DBS or CRB check online, you’ll notice that costs and turnaround times vary depending on the level of disclosure required.

Basic – £39.40 – Results in 5 to 10 days*

Standard – £51.80 – Results in 48 hours*

Enhanced – £69.80 – Results in 5 to 10 days*

*Results are based on average turnaround (80% of checks) and once your employer has undertaken ID verification of your documents. Please note that turnaround times cannot be guaranteed due to certain factors that are beyond our control.

Confused about DBS Checks? Let us help…

If you are not sure what level of DBS check you require, a member of our team will happily talk you through the process and advise on the right level of criminal record check. Get in touch for friendly and expert advice.