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DBS refers to the new agency created out of a merger between the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and The Independant Safeguarding Authority (ISA), its full title is The Disclosure and Barring Service. The checks and information provided will remain the same but will be branded DBS Checks.

Fast, simple online Basic, Standard & Enhanced Disclosures, DBS checks

Once you decide which check you or your employer requires you are ready to go.

Individuals welcome.**

It could not be easier, no account required, simply enter your details into our online form and up load your supporting documents. Your application will checked then processed via our online systems and you will not be sent or asked to fill in any other documents.

You can submit your entire Basic Disclosure or Standard and Enhanced DBS checks online in under 5 minutes…. it’s that easy!  We even accept all major credit cards via PayPals secure servers

Not sure which check you need, either a Basic Disclosure or Standard and Enhanced DBS ?

We have prepared an easy to follow guide to help you make the right selection.


Select your CRB/DBS check

The Basic Disclosure, provided by Disclosure Scotland is often referred to as a Basic CRB check. It only contains details of unspent convictions
Results in
10-15 days
A Standard Disclosure or Standard DBS formerly called a CRB check is only available for certain occupations and for entry into specified professions
Results in
48 hrs
The Highest level Disclosure or DBS formerly called a CRB check for those caring, training and supervising children or vulnerable adults
Results in
5-10 days

We offer one of the fastest and simplest online Disclosure checking services available. All our Disclosures are processed online simplifying the submission process and providing timely results via email. Available to individuals as a stand alone service the process could not be simpler.

Confused About DBS Checks? let us help

Just one simple form, our eCRC Application service is conducted online. NO registration fees. There are currently three levels of checks available. If you are not sure which one you require a member of our team will happily talk you through the process and advise on what suits your requirements. Once selected, you can simply submit your application online.

When applying for a Disclosure you will need to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence which shows your date of birth. You will also require a utility bill, bank, mortgage or credit card statement that shows your current home address. We accept good quality scanned copies of verified documents that can be included with your online application. These and your identity are then checked in line with the guidelines issued by the Disclosure & Barring service.

We also offer employers a unique e-Bulk DBS services. We are confident that this system offers employer’s one of the fastest and simplest Criminal Record checking services available, with no middle man. Once YOU press submit your application is automatically uploaded to the DBS system for processing.  Standard DBS checks are normally completed within 48 hrs and over 80% of Enhanced DBS checks are completed within 5 days. Available as part of our full screening programme, or as a stand alone service, the process could not be simpler. You can find out more on

*The turnaround time for DBS checks can be increased if you have a common name, have changed your name, have multiple addresses or if you have prior convictions. Other factors such as increased demand are beyond our control and may effect DBS check turnaround times and we can not guarantee results within a set time. Whilst we are happy to advise on the type of DBS checks required we accept no responsibility for your ultimate selection.

**  If your employer is eligible to request an Enhanced or Standard Disclosure under the Exceptions Order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 we will guide you through the process, if not, to comply with current requirements Individuals will be directed to a Basic Disclosure. To complete the process you must submit the name of your verifier, who must confirm that they have seen all original documentation relating to the applicant and verify it is one and the same person. The name and address will be held by us as it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to knowingly provide false information in support of the Disclosure application. The verifier’s personal details may be subject to authentication.